“Let’s Talk” Dr Syntax & Pete Cannon!!

It’s time once again for some severe Friday freshness in the fantabulous form of Dr Syntax & Pete Cannon’s epic new and third full album “Let’s Talk”!!

Now, I’ve been waiting a fair minute to find the time to write a post that would do this album justice but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been bumping this like mad ever since I laid my hands on it… and once you give it a spin, being a follower of “do hiphop”, I’m sure it’ll do a couple revolutions round your planet too!!

So, before you continue reading, pick up your copy or just press play, right here:

“Let’s Talk”… Right from the get go this album pulls you in with an almost incomparable ‘je ne sais quoi’ unique to the styling of this incredible u.k hip hop duo… The Canyon beats create a surreal, fun and downright witty mood that compliment he Syntax styling to a T ! so trying to pick a favourite track, which also wasn’t very easy but I think I finally settled on “Baby Talk”…

What do guys think? What are your favourites???

This is a project that will make you smile, reminisce and probably nod your head uncontrollably so watch out if you’re listening secretly at work… It’s big, bright and larger than life…

Basically everything I personally love in a good hip-hop album!

Get it, play it and enjoy!

Oh, and just before you head on off into your weekend..

Check out the all new mesmerizing visuals for their track “Sock it To Em'(ft. Gardna)” lifted from the album… hellz yeah I say!

“Dr Syntax is an English rapper synonymous with the UK rap scene since the early 00s. Collaborator with Pete Cannon, Foreign Beggars and The Mouse Outfit to name a few”.

For more information and to stay in touch, this is where to look:
drsyntax.co.uk &

Peace! ~dhh

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