“Slow and Steady” – New Album from Stillborn Identity + “16 Tons” Music Video – Out Now!

Little late on this but they say better, late than never…
So… check it; Stillborn Identity is one of those artists that really put’s his whole heart into his work and this album deserves all the shine it can get!! It dropped in September 2015 and I really believes he brings his very essence to the table with fresh beats, dope flows, and funk filled vibes to keep those heads nodding on and on and on… When you rap about what you know… you just can’t go wrong and and I feel a lot of artists can learn a whole lot from this project. It’s called “Slow and Steady” and it’s available here… Get it:
also check out his fresh music video for his track, “16 Tons” prod. by Jumbled, lifted from the album, right here:

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Enjoy! ~dhh