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WASSUP all my DHH heads!

This is my first article for the 2016, and I thought it fitting to start the year off by kickin’ the muh fucking door down by bringing you Esh & Arc’s (Esh the Monolith & The Arcitype) – “Death Doesn’t Want You”.

The album consists of 12 tracks and was released on 22 January 2016 and is available on iTunes – $9.99, 12” Vinyl – $20, Cassette – $12 & Vinyl + Cassette combo – $28. When referring to certain online outlets censoring the cover art for the album, Esh had this to say, “Lighten up, dudes, its just boobs”, I’m with you on that one bro, #FreeTheNipple!

Damn!!! Hold up…. From the moment I pushed play, Esh & Arc lured me deeper and deeper into the distorted reality this album exists in, that’s right, strap on your seat-belts, because you’re in for a wild ride!

The album kicks off with the title track where death is personified as a women and Esh proceeds to describe this twisted mistress’s many guises in which she claims you life and features Dhy of Radcliff Hall, other features are, J Ring of Boogie Boy Metal Mouth on “Needle in Panic Park”, Dua of Bad Rabbit on “Live It Up”, Slaine & Reks on “Keep Diggin’ ”, as well as Jon & Kaz of Tigerman Woah! On “Jump”. Accompanying the launch of their album, they dropped a music video for “Needle in Panic Park”, the twisted visuals just intensify the absurdity that the track exudes.

The range of this album is INSANE! Although there’s an underlying theme of death and overall depression that runs throughout, there are many different elements that consistently change. From the overall mood of the beats, to the rhyme schemes and vocal styles, the creativity behind the music is something that a real head couldn’t help but admire and praise the ART being presented, whether its your cup of pimp juice or not.

One minute it sounds like you’re in a sci-fi space movie/chemical induced numbness, the next minute you’re catapulted into classical rock frenzy, and then….. you’re transported into a Outkast music video with a western twang, enough explaining it, you’ll see for your self. The track selection and their order fit seamlessly and compliment one another intricately. Esh’s ability to transform words into emotion and therefore understanding as the listener is his greatest strength. His lyrics and rhyme-schemes could come across as “simple”, but the potency of his message, accompanied with a flow that consumes and rides each beat uniquely regardless of the style, is a reflection of how on point he is, and his execution is clinical, dare I say it… flawless. That in-conjunction with Arc’s musical genius, who’s beats are hella dope and tight, not tight as in the ebonic slang term (which in actual fact it is), but as in, whole, well-rounded, ear-gasmically a pleasure to experience… I could continue with an endless list of analogies, but I’m sure you get the point. The production is top-notch and is an exhibition of independent artists producing high quality work that can go toe to toe with the biggest of record labels.

Ssssssoooooooo, now that you’ve heard my sentiments on, “Death Doesn’t Want You”, it’s time to lay it down and give you my verdict.

Favourite track is split 3 ways, for the first time ever, between “Needle in Panic Park”, “Disposable Lovers” and “The Other Shoulder”, with each track winning me over for their own unique reason, if I was forced to choose, it would have to be “Disposable Lovers” simply because of the feeling it inspires, like a typical Andre 3000 song, you’re compelled to turn it up, sing-a-long, let loose and jam… I’m sorry miss Jackson… Esh is too REAL. I give this album 4/5 Apocalyptic Punchlines which is attributed to the outstanding Hip Hop I was fortunate enough to be privy to.

The deep and dark undertones of the album are out-shined with an exuberant expression of positivity and silver-lining message. Esh delves deep into the pits of drug-addiction and depression and rises like a phoenix out the ashes stronger than ever before, a Monolith that stands as an Arcitype for contemporary and future artists alike to admire through the tests of time. (well that’s how I interpret the album and its message). That said, this album is for everybody, not in a bad commercial radio sense, more along the lines of good music that transcends genres.

The last track leaves you lingering in a space of deep contemplation and endless possibility. We’ve come back full circle to the realization that you are not a ghost yet, death doesn’t want, so get out there, break free from the constraints of your mind and LIVE!!! To all my readers and anyone that has a distinct taste for good music, make sure you get this album to add to your playlist, it’s TOO good to sleep on. This duo is just too dope! Thank you Esh & Arc!!! As we say in South Africa, AWEH!!!!

P.S. – When you drop your next work, let a brother know, I’m twitching and tweaking for my next fix.


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4/5 Apocalyptic Punchlines


Your ear to the ground




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