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Times Up: 50 Great Albums from 2015 We Missed: Check em’ Out Here!

As mentioned in our Readers Choice earlier in the week, 2015 brought us way too many albums to possibly keep up with and although we’d love to have done an individual article for each and every album, there isn’t time… So, as a last attempt to ensure we haven’t missed anything: we’ve decided to list all of the remaining releases in a single article… I know it’s not ideal but next year will bring a whole host of new releases and we will need to move forward as quickly as possible to ensure we don’t get left behind…

So, here are the albums that are on our list but were not featured due to time limitations… Thanks to each and every one of you for bearing your soul and making these projects… We appreciate you! This list is in no particular order at all… To our readers; we hope you enjoy this epic list of releases as much as we have:

01. “Perverts In Haunted Houses” – Sludge Factorie

02. “Hindum” – How Green & Datãkae

03. “OUTTAKES 2” – Haunted Days / Witch’s Teat

04. “Scenarios” – Dj Hellblazer

05. “Petestrumentals 2” – Pete Rock

06. “Living Proof” – Living Proof [feat. Doodlebug & Abstract Artform]

07. Come Hell or High Water – Shark Brothers

08. “Don Pong” – Stinkin Slumrok

09. “Pure Dopeness vol​.​18” – Sinoptic International


11. “Smoking Kills” – Black Josh & Pete Cannon

12. “Down” – Hoot

13. “The RoundAbout” – Zetina Mosia

14. “Lambsburg” – Us Natives

15. “Cigarette Kisses, Death Wishes” – Danny Lover

16. “Highly Focused Selections Mixtape Vol. 1” – DJ Sammy B-Side

17. “Anesthesia” – VERBAL KENT

18. “The Flowers In The Addict Ep.” – Black-Tokyo Musik

19. “Vacant Eyes” – Sammy Warm Hands

20. “Breakfast At Banksy’s” – Semi Hendrix (Ras Kass & Jack Splash)

21. “Tapes and Crates” – The 20/20 Project

22. “Yonder Works (And Then Some)” – Waldo from Cincinnati

23. “Pheromone Coma: Pheromone Heavy Instrumentals​+​B​-​Sides” – ECID

24. “Pay Dues Forever” – Doze

25. “Liability” – Prof

26. “Only & Ill” – Illmaculate & OnlyOne

27. “Fire this Time Tour Mix” – billy woods, Premrock, Henry Canyons and Mo Niklz

28. Who Art in Nada – PremRock

29. “The Subway Theory Sessions” – John E Cab

30. “Collaborations Mixtape 3” – AWOL ONE

31. “lndstrdr” – Ill Clinton

32. “Delph Efficacy” – Res One

33. “The Instrumentals Vol. 1” – Indigenous Culture Records

34. “FIDEL” – Curly Castro

35. “Lockjaw” – Onboard Balloon

36. “Chicago Chrome” – Sludge Factorie and Noblonski

37. “All That’s Left” – Evil Ebenezer

38. “Lemonade EP” – Cavalier

39. “Insane World” – Mixed Blood Majority


41. “Halfway” – Uncommon Nasa

42. “Illest It Gets? EP” – Storm Davis

43. “Aquarian Alien” – NOAH23

44. “Home Ground” – Twizzy

45. “Blue Collar [Produced by Sean One]” – Fortunato

46. “SUEDE” – Free Fall

47. “Benders Breakers Leavers Takers” – Wormwood

48. “O​.​K.” – KOOL A.D.

49. “Time & Materials” – Cavanaugh (Open Mike Eagle & Serengeti)

50. “Editorials: (wartunes)” – Silas Blak

We hope you dig this awesome list of albums and consider supporting the artists by purchasing their stuff if possible!

Thanks to all the artists for making great tunes!

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Enjoy! ~dhh

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