Mindful Solutionism by Aesop Rock: September’s Top Hip-Hop Video!

Mindful Solutionism by Aesop Rock: September’s Top Hip-Hop Video!

Presenting do hiphop’s music video of the month for September 2023 – “Mindful Solutionism.” This mesmerizing video is brought to you by the legendary wordsmith, Aesop Rock. Through this song and video, Aesop Rock takes us on a journey of introspection and artistic brilliance.

It’s technology, sorry for the technical term It’s a wheel, then a fire and the rest is a blur Throw a theorised plot in the pot with applied science Let it sit, I bet it streamlines your environs.”

The video itself is a visual masterpiece, expertly crafted to complement the depth of the lyrics. It’s a true work of art that demands multiple viewings to fully grasp its nuances.

“Mindful Solutionism” is a track from Aesop Rock’s upcoming album, “Integrated Tech Solutions,” available for pre-order now:

**Pre-Order “Integrated Tech Solutions” Here**



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