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Due to the fact that we are now receiving 3 – 5 submissions a day and only 2 donations over the last 7 years we’ve been around, we feel that it’s time to either switch up the process or shut down the site. We do offer real exposure and have worked really hard over the years to bring you top quality content and establish ourselves as one of the Top 100 Hiphop blogs on the net and feel this is highly necessary in order for us to keep going… So, if you’re serious enough about your music to put your money where your mouth is, please read on:

If you have any inquiries or would like us to check out your music get in touch; we’d dig to hear from you. However, we do not have a shortage of content and making a donation toward us keeping this site up and running would be greatly appreciated as well as prioritize your related submission/ content:(If you’re submitting music, please bear in mind that we do have the right to be unimpressed; We only post music we feel, so don’t be offended if we don’t get back to you, rather keep submitting and working harder. Again, due to staff limitations it may take some time for us to get to you but we do try to check out everything as soon as it is possible).

*NOTE* We are completely funded by our supporters and like-minded people around the world; Donating to this site will speed up the submission process. However, It will not guarantee your work gets posted. If you like what we do please consider making a small donation to help us fund and continue what we do.)

Still want to submit music? Please fill out the form below(at the bottom of this post) or via our Contact Page and click send. You will then be redirected to our Paypal donation page where we ask that you make a small donation of at least $10. We will then receive your submission in our admin panel regardless of weather you make a donation or not; Once we receive your confirmation of donation from Paypal, our admin staff will then forward your submission on to our authors for a write-up.

We really appreciate your support over the years and look forward to bringing you many more, helping spread the word about hiphop music graffiti and virtually anything hiphop related on a global scale but staying up isn’t free and we’d really, really like to.

We hope to hear from you soon and are looking forward and to be able to keep on doing hiphop.

Peace! ~dhh
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