Interview: Esh on his New Album “Darwin’s Frankenstein”, Life and Other Thoughts!!

Interview: Esh on his New Album “Darwin’s Frankenstein”, Life and Other Thoughts!!

Boston hiphop artist Esh(formally Esh the Monolith) is back with a brand new album “Darwin’s Frankenstein” and it’s fresh as ever!! Sleek productions, cleverly stitched together with gargantuan wordplay, cogent personified metaphors and omnipotent delivery make this one our most anticipated releases of August and we can’t recommend it enough…

We caught up with him to discuss the album among other things and this is what he had to say:

dhh: Firstly, bigups on the album new album Esh… it’s wild!! Thank you for putting your soul out like this with so much energy and fire in your content. We have all the time in the world for projects like this and It’ll definitely keep our heads nodding for months to come…

dhh: Who did the production for this & how much time did you spend on it?

Esh: The production was handled by The Arcitype, Rain, & Lightfoot. It’s hard to tell when the process of this album began. When you’re a working artist you just work all the time. For me, there is no beginning of a project, just an end.

dhh: What is it that inspires you to write & what is your process in putting it all together, from the production to layering the vocals and bringing it all together?

Esh: I write everyday in some form, and on my studio days I dump all my ideas, feelings, unfinished lines, on to a page and try to make sense of them (or don’t). I do my best to stay open to the fragments of poetry that are floating around us at all times. I feel like one of my greatest strengths is recognizing the art in what I see and hear, plucking out of the either, and arranging it in my cadence. The process goes: write, ignore, edit if I feel like it, demo, add to and sequence production, re-record if I feel like it, mix, master, stunt.

dhh: After over a decade in the game, what’s next in the world of Esh?

Esh: Make art, see the world with the woman I love, die satisfied.

But wait… we have more questions…

dhh: Care to offer any more insight into “Darwin’s Frankenstein” for the curious out there?

Esh: “Darwin’s Frankenstein” is for people who hate terms like “branding” and “content.” It’s for people who hate being marketed to. It’s one artist’s view on being an artist in a country that treats artists like shit, and his perspective on a noisy, anxiety-inducing society. It’s got a lot of heart tho, and if you appreciate excellent writing over unique production you’ll love it.

dhh: Who were your greatest influences along the way?

Esh: MF Doom is my favorite rapper. Off of the top of my head, I stole from Lou Reed and David Bowie on this album.

dhh: I know you’ve probably had most of your dream collab’s but is there anyone in particular you’re dying to work with?

Esh: I don’t really like working with people. Making music is a pretty selfish thing for me. Luckily, the people I do work with are my best friends and the most talented people in the world.

And then even more questions…

dhh: Any tours around the world coming up…? South Africa on the list..?

Esh: Hopefully I’ll get out and do some shows soon. Over the last year or so I got kinda turned off from performing, but now I’m starting to feel the itch again. I spent some time in Senegal & The Gambia in West Africa, but never South Africa. I would love to go. If you know someone who wants to book me, send ‘em my way.

dhh: What are your favourite production tools and DAW’s of choice?

Esh: Personally, I use Maschine & Protools. Arc is a Reason/Protools guy, Lightfoot fucks with Abelton, and Rain works in Protools.

dhh: Finally; Any words of wisdom for aspiring & upcoming artists on keeping there head in the game & achieving their musical goals?

Esh: Be yourself & free yourself. Don’t worry about what other people are doing. Work hard. Show up. Go the DIY route if you got it like that.

dhh: Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us! We really wish you all the best in your future endeavours and can’t wait to hear what you have in store for the future… Keep up the incredible work brother & thank you for continuing to push the boundaries.

For the collectors out there, there are a limited number of cassettes available via Hello.L.A. here:

For digital and vinyl versions, this is where to look:

For more about Esh and his works, check out:

Peace! ~dhh

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