“Clay Pigeons” – Music Video from Deca!

“Clay Pigeons” – Music Video from Deca!

Sup peeps… I recently came across the epicity that is Deca and was pretty much blown away with everything I heard, so check it.. “Clay Pigeons” is the late 2020 music video from this incredible New York hiphop artist Deca and what a damn track!! Check it out here:

I know it’s been way too long but I refuse to let this blog die! 2020 was extremely difficult to keep up the motivation to continue all of this but I’m slowly getting back and just want to thanks yawl for the continued support to get t his growing again. Peace to all the artist out there keeping us sane and putting out their music… Keep on it and thanks for doing what ya do..

It’s lifted from his latest 2020 Full length album “Snakes & Birds” and I must say if you discover 1 new album in the next month, make sure it’s this one. Deca just oozes out flow left, right and centre; coupled with smooth, calculated, pure, raw hiphop production making this one of my recent personal favourite albums at this time.

You can steam and purchase the full length right here:

For more information and to stay up to date… this is where to look:
Deca on Beulah Records
Deca on Facebook
Deca on Twitter
Deca on Bandcamp

Peace! ~dhh

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