V is for Vigoda, Vas x Ill Clinton, Vas, Ill Clinton, dhh, Us Natives

Album: ” V for Vigoda ” when Vas meets Ill Clinton!

Can’t believe we missed this one actually… it’s such a dope project!!

“V for Vigoda” is the slick 2017 album from Philadelphia duo Vas x Ill Clinton and if I had one word to describe it, it’d probably be power!!

The masterful production from Ill Clinton culminating with Vas’ no holds barred gargantuan flows just work so well together. and with over 6 years in the making, this album is one that should already be in your collection…

if not, you can pick it up right here:

Just to get you warmed up, here’s the music video for the title track:

For more information this is where to look:
Vas on Facebook


Enjoy! ~dhh