Krazy Returns with New Album, Black America

Krazy has had music in his blood since his first breath, and will likely continue to pursue it until his last. The rapper, born and raised in New Orleans, and has been making waves in the rap scene since the release of his first album, I Shed Tears for the World, in 1996. The lyricism and vocal style of the album’s hit single, “Chopper City”, earned Krazy comparisons to Tupac Shakur, and a “Best of the Best Top 204 Independent Rap Albums” accolade, courtesy of Murder Dog Magazine. In the years following its release, Krazy went on to work with 504 Boyz, C-Muder, Snoop Dog and Master P, producing a second studio album that reached Number 31 on the Top Independent Charts.

Now, the veteran rap talent is back with a new studio album titled Black America. The album is due to drop in the upcoming months, and will feature the hard-hitting single, “Everything”, which dropped this summer

~Vincent Li

1 thought on “Krazy Returns with New Album, Black America”

  1. Looking forward to the black America cd.the single everything is hard hitting. Big steve aka. IBM

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