And The Dead Shall Lie There by Ancient Mith!

And The Dead Shall Lie There by Ancient Mith – Out Now!!

Denver, Colorado’s Ancient Mith has a new album with Swiss beat maker Mattr on the Archives & Art Supplies label, available now thru all major digital outlets and on compact disc, August  27th!

You can stream and purchase the entire album, right here:

“This is the  fourth full length album from Ancient Mith and is the shedding of a ten year journey, making music in a modern reality as well as the luggage acquired along the way.
Swiss beat maker, Mattr, provides the groundwork for this electro rap record that ventures outside the usual. While waiting to find the “right” producer for the concept of “And The Dead Shall Lie There”, Ancient began writing to beats Mattr had been sending in the years prior. Slowly, as songs compiled he realized he had created what he set out to, unintentionally. Instead of sending each song as it was done, Ancient opted to complete the project, mix it and then send it back to Mattr for him sign off on the project. The album was to be accepted as a whole or not at all, meaning no tracks would be cut or redone. If Mattr didn’t like any part the album it was not to be released”.

Our opinion: Absolutely Incredible! The producer / emcee combination is one you don’t come across very often. The way the duo gel and almost merge with one another makes for one hell of an album from start to finish. Go get yourself a copy!

For more info as well as other releases these are the spaces:

Ancient-Mith au Pub Follette(22)
Archives & Art Supplies (worldwide)
Dora Dorovitch (France)

Peace! ~ dhh

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