PHZ-Sicks, the making Of “The Moment” | new album drops November 2013

video: PHZ-SICKS, the making of THE MOMENT
directed by The MediaXperience | The Moment drops November 2013

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Woodbridge, VA rap artist PHZ-Sicks (pronounced ‘physics’) presents a video offering a sneak peek into the making of his forthcoming album The Moment, dropping November. His last full-length was 2011’s The Laws Of PHZ-Sicks featuring the “Success/Failure” single (watch the video here). PHZ’s first release was The Feature Presentationa mixtape of exclusives and songs featuring him with Top 40 songs and songs from the past, present, and future. Next was the 2009 conceptual mixtape Less Than Zero. He was a 2011 DMV Best VA Male Rap Artist nominee and has opened for Wale, J. Cole and more. “This video takes places on one session in the studio that was accumulated from two years of getting ready for this one project,” says PHZ-Sicks. “There is a feeling you get with something you create, when you know for sure that it will have an impact. This is why I named the project The Moment. Once I saw the path the music was taking me, I knew right then, that this will be the moment that would change my life forever.” The video features Electric Soul artist Alison Carney and engineer Mr. Wise, member of production duo Team Demo and producer of Sean Price’s “Haraam” and 50 Cent’s “Crime Wave”.

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