Album: Classic "Piano Music" from earlybirds!

Album: Classic “Piano Music” from earlybirds!

Miniapolis hiphop duo earlybirds are back with what we believe to be their best work to date!!

“Piano Music” truly defines what they’re all about… true hiphop culture and an infinite love for their artform, families, life in general and all that this big old crazy world has to offer…

Right from the go, Cap kicks into “the message”… hiphop is essentially knowledge handed down through any of the four elements to enlighten future generations on the knowledge you possess through your however many “..times around the sun”. SO, clap your hands to these breaks as they are essential to your survival as an artist in this crazy life.

Piano Music is life, it’s the things you did, the things you wish you’d done, the people in your life… your memories, your reasons, your will to go on, smiling because life is essentially good and you need to hold onto that fact. It’s how you get down to the funky fresh flavour of the 88key’s flowing down the minors like they mean it.

This album delves deep into the history of earlybirds and how it all comes together… I mean, if you really listen to it… you won’t need me to tell you anything. It’s packed with stunning instrumentals, gripping lyrics and massive features from the likes of Truth Maze, Katana Da Don, Chuck, Just Wulf, OutSpoken & HagenTheDragon.

I could go on forever about why you should be listening to this but instead I think it’s best to just say…

You can pick up your copy right here:

If, like me, you’d like to get a bit more insight into earybirds, check out this interview we did with them about their last project right here: Interview: earlybirds on their New Album “#partyatcharlies” and Other Thoughts!!

For more information and to stay in touch, these are the spaces:
earlybirds on Facebook

Peace! ~dhh



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