Video: “Knots” with Dimitri & The Scarecrow!!

Sup yawl..

Kick it into Friday with this incredible freshness that is Dimitri & The Scarecrow, an alternative hiphop band from Zimbabwe!!

Simply titled “Knots”… this is a track written in tribute to embracing the ever present growing pains within our lives and fulfillment of the ultimate goals we chase in this life race.

Check out the video here:

Dimitri’s flows and heartfelt lyrics really hit home with me, capturing an essence within his style that I’m constantly searching for when listening in depth to the genre I hold so dear and I really can’t wait for an LP to pop up on Spotify someday soon!!

For now though, check out their 2015 EP “Messenger is Sender” right here and give it a spin or two!

This really is a group with a difference fusing classic hip-hop oriented rhythms with sound emanating from the jazz, alternative and rock genres… a group that I feel, given the right platform, will go extremely far in this game, with a truly unique and soulful sound they can really call their own.

Dimitri and the Scarecrow Band performing live

For more information etc. these are the stations:

Enjoy! ~dhh

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