Video: A "Moment Alone" with Metay!!

Video: A “Moment Alone” with Metay!!

Check out this seriously fresh Music Video from London emcee Metay for his track “Moment Alone”!!

Loving his smooth, laid back flows culminating over the ebb and flow of the boom-bap break down bringing it all together with a bang… the type of track you just wanna put on cycle letting your minds nostalgia encapsulate your very essence!! Yes, I have all the time in the world for this… give it a spin right here:

He also recently dropped a brand new single titled “Loyalty”

all about how people would do anything to get what they want, regardless of the consequences of who they affect in the process, which we can really vibe with… as I’m sure you know.

Check it out here:

Metay is an artist, consistently hard at work and I’m really excited to see what the future holds for him! He holds true to his mission of “bringing a new type of rap to the world, one which is more of a good influence on the next generation than what’s currently out there“.
Picture of Metay

For more information and to stay in touch, this is where to look:
Metay on Twitter
Metay on Facebook
Metay on Instagram

Enjoy! ~dhh

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