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Wassup my DoHipHop heads. While ya’ll have been busy keeping it real, the folks at DHH put me on to the next album for review. I bring to you, Illinformed – “The Mould Tape”. This is another producer’s album with some really dope features.

Illinformed is a producer the UK. He is the producer for “Brothers of the Stone” and has produced tracks for the likes of Jedi Mind Tricks, Apathy and Rass Kass just to name a few, and has earned his stripes as an influential producer. “The Mould Tape” was released on the 9th September on Real.Life.Drama Records and is available for download at £6.99, CD £7.99, limited edition 12’ vinyl at £13.99, limited edition cassette tape £7.99 and a box set which includes all prior mediums mentioned as well as Illinformed “The Mould Tape” king size rizla pack, “The Mould Tape” signed A3 poster, RLD Records A3 poster ALL packaged in a hand painted pizza box for £39.99. Which ever your preference, there’s no excuse why you shouldn’t have this album in your catalog. This is his first solo offering and at a glance, Illinformed has some heavyweight features that stand out and you can’t help but expect some REAL Hip Hop!!!

He features (appearing in this order): Eric the Red (N.L.P), Leaf Dog (The 3 Amigos and The Four Owls), DJ Riseone, BVA (The 3 Amigos), Index, OAB (N.L.P), Smellington Piff (N.L.P), Jack Jetson, Bill Shakes, Physiks, Sean Peng (N.L.P), DJ Acidrain, Sonnyjim, Fliptrix, DJ Getts, Jam Baxter, Lee Scott (Children of the Damned), Cheech the Grim Reefer, Stinkin Slumrok, Q-unique (Non-Phixion), Split Prophets (Upfront MC and Hi Res), Tony Broke, Bang On, Cracker Jon, Verb T (The Four Owls), Life MC (the legendary – Phi Life Cypher) and JMan. Lets get at it and dive in!

Damn! This first track is HARD! As the beat kicks in and the bass-line drops, I’m instantly coerced into inventory head bopping and swaying side-to-side, but not the usual up and down head-bop, it’s one of those whole body head-bops, think of it as Hip Hops version of head banging. This is that grimey gutter steez! I’m sitting listening to it and I just want to get up and get absolutely rukus. What an introduction, this track sets a high bar but more importantly establishes the tone of the album. There’s just something about British emcees that separates them from the rest of the Hip Hop world, their unique take on the culture that is translated through their lyrics and flows opens up a whole different world of Hip Hop. This emphasizes the beauty of diversity, they embrace it and propagate it proudly, or maybe it’s just that English is the Queens language after all and they’re just masters of the craft. As the beats progress, I’m drawn deeper into the music. I even find myself restarting a track I had just heard to simply to appreciate the ear porn I’m experiencing.

Illinformed’s choice of samples are the perfect example of “simplicity is key” and he unlocks your mind into audible sensory perception. Each beat stands out for its own reason, the mood of the track is established within the first 4 bars and your instantly persuaded to join him on this mission. He effortlessly entices the listener to adamantly move to the beat with staple BOOM-BAP drums and captures your attention with a variety of styles of samples which carries a Jazzy undertone. His smooth harmonic consonance combined with crisp production leave very little left to desire.

Mmmmmmmmmmm, which track to choose as the favourite, it’s quite a tricky one, like I said, each track shines on its own, but I’d have to go with “Where’s the Bud” featuring Eric the Red, Leaf Dog and DJ Riseone, it is just too POWERFUL! It’s got this raw 90’s feel, the emcees style and lyrics embody what that era of Hip Hop was ALL about. If I had to educate someone who was only exposed to todays Hip POP, I’d drop this track and let the music do the talking. I give “The Mould Tape” 3.5/5 Apocolyptic punchlines, the beats are the definition of Hip Hop, the feautures all brought their A-game and the production is on-point. I thoroughly enjoyed this album from start to finish and I’m going to continue listening to this album till I can’t take it anymore…. And then listen to it again.

I fully understand why Illinformed titled this composition/offering “The Mould Tape”, it’s underground, it’s raw, it’s Hip Hop at its finest. “Tape” implies the albums connection with old school and he’s expressed its essence through musical mastery. I’ll definitely keep my eyes open and my ear to the ground for future albums from Illinformed, it would be sacrilege to sleep on quality like this. Big-ups Illinformed… Big-ups…

Here’s the video for “Where’s the Bud”… Enjoy!

Get your copy here:

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