Emapea’s Zoning Out Volume 2!!

Incredible Emapea’s Zoning Out Volume 2!!

On these icy winter mornings make sure your ear’s are covered with some some quality phones, pen-in-hand and beats so hot they may just be the cause of global warming altogether!! All jokes aside… The power-house producer form Poland “Emapea” delivers nothing but the most severe quality production time and time again and his latest offering, “Zoning Out Volume 2” is without a doubt one of my favourite instrumental albums to release this year. Check it out right here:

and… once you’re done with this; don’t hesitate to proceed through the rest of his catalogue for melodic meltdowns to make your month!!

I also happened to come across this music video for his track “Funk it Up lifted” from his Zoning Out Vol.1 Album… peep it here:

For more information and staying in-tune to the station:

Peace! ~dhh

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