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Video: The ” Inner Truths ” of OneWerd!!

San Mateo hiphop artist Onewerd is back and bad as ever with the visuals for his track “Inner Truths!!

Check it out here:

Not only is this Onewerd’s debut video… but also completely DIY; shooting and directing the video himself!! And I’m completely awestruck by the result.

Lifted from his slick new album “Alive”, featuring the likes of Ceschi, Sole, Graves33 and more and I cannot recommend it enough.. especially if you ‘re into mezmerising indie hiphop.
It’s available right now via Fakefour and you can pick up your free download right here:
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and here’s more than one-werd on the video from the man himself:

“Inner Truths was one of the first songs I wrote for my Alive EP. At the time, I was struggling with figuring out my place in the world of music that I saw around me, and frustrated that it was starting to stifle my voice and inspiration. A lot of the writing on Alive was a process of finding my way back to the ideas that motivate and inspire me, particularly in the face of pressures and stresses that distract me from them. Inner Truths is ultimately about holding onto those ideas and memories, even when they seem elusive or that the rest of your world is turning against them.

This is my first time shooting and editing a video on my own, and although I’ve got a lot to learn, I’m pretty stoked on the outcome of my first effort! I had some crucial camera help from my longtime video collaborator Enrico TheImf Granados, as well as my good friend Jeffery Stone. We shot the scenes at a variety of local San Mateo spots, including the top level of a parking garage, the edge of the 92 freeway, and an alley just adjacent to my home.

I love creating and sharing my art with those that care enough to listen and connect with it. It’s both stressful and fun as hell to learn new tools and techniques, but I love the challenge of taking on new ways to express myself artistically. I hope this song helps some of you connect with your own “Inner Truths”, whatever they may be, and encourages you to stay true to them no matter what”.OneWerd

For more information and staying up to date this is where to look:


Peace! ~dhh

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