The first single and official video from "the Boom Bap Bandit EP" is OUT NOW! "Raising the Standard" - Power Of Thought (Produced by Empne, Cuts by P.O.T.) #KNKUC #ArticulateArtists #TheBoomBapBandit #WorldWideHipHop

Power of Thought “Raising the Standard” in New Music Video!

Ahead of his long awaited upcoming EP, South African hip hop all rounder Power Of Thought drops his incredibly refreshing Music Video for his track “Raising the Standard” produced by Empne!

Shot at the Olympic stadium in Greece(2015), P.O.T. really delves deep into his African/Greek heritage with a mix of cross language/culture wordplay and clever rhyme-schemes that’ll leave your head nodding for days and your brain screaming for more… And just to top it all off he even lays down the cuts himself!
Check it out here:

“The Boom Bap Bandit” was originally supposed to drop in 2015 with 4 tracks, but due to some unforeseen post-production issues, P.O.T. decided to add another 4 tracks to make it an 8 track EP and now features the likes of Diabolic, Anti-Bullshit, Dice Mak, Safari, Tha Cutt, Sizzor Hands and more!!! It will be a joint release between the European label KNKUC and Articulate Artists, who will be putting out projects for various independent SA Hip Hop artists in the next few months.

We really can’t wait for this EP and will defiantly be shooting out a link as soon as it’s available, so watch this space for more information as it happens.

For more information and to stay in touch, check out:
Power of Thought on Facebook

Peace! ~dhh

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