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Video: ” Astral Projecting ” & ” The Real One’s ” with 213 Zada!

Looking for something crispy fresh to kick this day into high gear…?

Well… Mid-City Degenerates artist, 213 Zada just dropped the all new video for his track “Astral Projecting” & it’s just that and so much more!!

The severe smoothness of the melody coupled with Zada’s laid back, head-nod melodic rhyme style really delivers the complete package for those looking for some of that slick indie hiphop essence and passion that just shines right through the edges…

“Love is born in the heart. Love dies in the mind. “Astral Projecting” is a nose dive, deep into the mind of an old man. Lost in the hardships of dementia, his reality becomes blurrier; with a brief moment of clarity, loneliness is all that remains”.
Check it out here:

And just in case that wasn’t enough to fill the void that leaves us constantly straining and striving for more…

213 Zada also recently dropped the visuals for his track “Real Ones” ft. Moises Jacobo and I really dig it so much!!

This is the first video directed by Zada himself, delivering an introspective look at the rough road convicted felons face once they are released from prison.
Check it out:

213 Zada’s full length album is due to drop in a few months and I for one, really can’t wait! We will definitely try to stay on top of it when it does so you can give it a listen.

In the mean time… Mid-City Degenerates will be dropping a few mixtape tracks to their Soundcloud page, so be sure to follow them there to get them as they drop:

For more information and to stay in touch, these are the spaces:

Peace! ~dhh

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