Murmur Breeze “Float” – Official Video!

It’s not exactly new, but in my opinion, completely fresh and refreshing!!
james p honey and abSUrd are “Murmur Breeze” and this is the third video from their album ‘foreshore reverie’ released on vinyl and cd from decorative stamp and quite simply… Awesome! This track is also featured on their three song 7″ ep “cooler than cucumbers” with the video directed by lico, and featuring characters drawn by germain schenkel. Check it out here:

You can also grab yourself the full Limited edition 12″ Vinyl LP for the full experience right here:
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“after much long toil in darkest seclusion, and after much long subsequent behind the scenes activity, might we finally officially announce that the wonderful limited edition vinyl version of the new murmur breeze album is at last upon us. a thing of musical and tactile beauty indeed, taking in twelve songs of spiralling surrealist alt-rap, displaying both james p honey and abSUrd at the height of their powers.
entitled ‘foreshore reverie’, and featuring a host of collaborators, the album is awash with a staggering amount of wonderful musical turns and closely cut lyrical observations, deftly manoeuvring between the bitingly satirical and the wildly theatrical. auxiliary musical accompaniment comes in the form of performances from jamie romain, michael rea and nadia d’alò, whilst extra lyrical turns are taken by the mighty mildew, babel fishh and jamesreindeer, and the whole album carefully guided through the mixing stages by jamesreindeer.
gladly brought to reality in co-operation with the marvellous cooler than cucumbers records, the limited edition vinyl is a thing of true beauty indeed. featuring full-colour artwork by james p honey and loaded with a few splendid treats within its interior, not to mention a wonderful shiny black slab of vinyl featuring the most choicest selections from the album with added room to breathe within compositions. be sure to get involved.”

You check them out online at the following spaces:

Peace! ~dhh

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