Ganja, Mantras & Insecurities with mikeY budd!!

Time for some fresh chilled vibes to take you toward the weekend…

“Ganja, Mantras & Insecurities” is the debut full length album from Los Angeles emcee mikeY budd!!

Recording sessions for the album took place during the 2018 summer at Mikey’s Tree House Studio in Los Angeles branching into the wide world of indie hiphop…

The album’s name comes from budd’s strong background belief and support for the cannabis community and his role as a yoga teacher (i.e. ganja and mantras).

Insecurities stems from the world of technology we live in… the album artwork is designed to incorporate the insecure “selfie face” filled with mandalas… The subtle lotus/cannabis flower design around the face is surrounded with mantras of “overcoming the insecure”.

Pick up your copy right here:

Also out… the brand new music video for the track “West Coast Mentality” lifted from the album.
check it out here:

Michael Budd-Huertas, better known as Mikey Budd, was born & raised in Hudson County, New Jersey to an Irish/Italian father & Puerto Rican mother.

Mikey challenges many issues today in his music including government, classism, & religion. Contrary to mainstream materialism and consumer society, Mikey’s music promotes self knowledge, love and individualism. Create your own philosophy & just be cool…

For more information and to stay in touch, these are the spaces:
Official Website

Enjoy! ~dhh

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