“For Many” – New Music Video from Shane Koyczan And The Short Story Long + “Debris” New Album – Out Now!

Ever since I first heard Shane Koyczan, I’ve pretty much been memorized by his words and what he does with them… and this rings true to this day. “For Many” is the incredible new video from one of Canada’s finest poets! Check it out here:
[youtube url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjfu5ZsfwO4&w=640&h=360]

“The piece, For Many, is a special one for me. It wouldn’t exist had I not gotten a letter from an 8 year old boy in Vermont. Thanks for reaching out, young sir. Over the course of my life I’ve seen that we attach ourselves to standards. That in itself is not a bad thing… standards are important. They’re part of how we learn to elevate ourselves above ideas that we’ve outgrown. The problem is that those same standards can become anchors… they can be what holds us back from evolving further. So we must be constantly resetting our standards so we can pull ourselves forward and help ourselves move away from concepts that no longer serve us. Beauty has always been a strange standard… how can we make uniform something that everyone has their own opinion of? The danger in allowing beauty to continue being a standard is that it then becomes the way we assign value to people. I wrote this piece as a way to speak to that”. ~ Shane Koyczan

Lifted from his new album “Debris” in collaboration with The Short Story Long, available for purchase exclusively from the man himself:

For more information and to stay up to date, check out:

Enjoy! ~dhh

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