Yugen Blakrok’s ANIMA MYSTERIUM!!!

Beautiful, mysterious, melodic head-nodding knowledge to rock you into the weekend and all the way back though the next week…

These are all words to describe South African hip-hop extraordinaire Yugen Blakrok’s second album “ANIMA MYSTERIUM”, and the best part is, it’s out today!!!

The ever meshing rhyme-styles and a vocabulary to make even your favourite thesaurus jealous… This is definitely one album you simply can’t miss in 2019!! This is the follow-up to here 2014 album, “Return of the Astro​-​Goth“;

I for one can’t get enough of it and I’m sure you’ll feel the same. It’s not the type of album you’re likely to wholly receive on the first listen but, the more you do, the more you realize it’s prominence and how phenomenal Yugen really is.

Give it a spin right here, right now:

**Listen to Anima Mysterium on Spotify here**

You can also purchase physical copies of the album in various formats here:
**Purchase via Iapetus Records(South Africa)**

This album features mind-blowing production from Kanif The Jhatmaster with appearances from Joel Assaizky on ‘Carbon Form’ and 7th Galaxy on ‘Obsidian Night’. Also including massive features from the likes of The Historian Himself, Fifi the RaiBlaster, BRAVESTARR, Kool Keith, Zetina Mozia and Jack Tripper, this album is simply bursting at the seams with freshness and again… you do not want to sleep on this!

My personal favourite track on the album is “Ochre” as it’s the one that causes the most goosebumps..

Yugen also recently released the music video for her track “Picture Box” lifted from the album and you can check it out right here:

Also out: Black Stone “Carbon Form” Visuals from Yugen Blakrok!!

For more information and to stay in touch, this is where to look:

Peace! ~dhh

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