more of the best of 2018 – 5 projects we missed!

Time for some more of the best of 2018, with a new list of things we managed to miss.

At the end of the last year, we released our Choices of 2018.. all of favourite albums in one list along with a fresh Spotify playlist to suite.  As we state every year, we try to get to everything but it’s simply impossible… so, instead we list what we can so you can choose your favourite and maybe find something new that you haven’t heard before.

So, lets get to it then; these are our 5 favourite projects from 2018 that we didn’t get to cover.

01. Swimming – Mac Miller

I really have no idea how we missed this album but all I can say is that I’m so glad I did get to it. It’s been pretty much on constant rotation for the past 4 months now… despite this, it’s still my go to album at the end of the day. The combination of clever cadence, masterful lyricism and beautiful production that just grows more attractive with each beat, pulling you toward the very essence of the album itself. Mac’s laid back style flows so smoothly over every beat that you just can’t help but need to listen again and again…
Check out this album if you haven’t already!

02. Salo Sessions II – Sadistik

Probably the single best sounding project of 2018 in my opinion… this album is all we’ve come to expect from the Los Angeles based super emcee Sadistik. It’s a series of hard hitting horror-core, story-telling songs that ooze and drip character all over the place. Again the combination of flawless production crossed with Sadistik’s unique signature sound make this one project you should have definitely had your ears on on 2018. Do yourself a favour and play it on a really good sound system to take your breath away.
Press play here:

03. Magic Roundabout – Tony Bones The Producer

Looking for some really fresh instrumentals to vibe out to in style? Well, look no further… Wether you’re chilling out, reading, writing rhymes or even looking to get down to some funky smooth production… I can highly recommend this album right here. Basically, when you can get to the end of an album like this and say… “hey, that was fresh… play it again”… you know you’re on to something. Tony Bones is a self proclaimed perfectionist and this shines through wholeheartedly in his work.
Check it out:

04. Figures of Speech – Sammy Warm Hands

This album is epic in so many ways and I honestly have no-idea how we managed to miss it, but these things happen and at least we’re getting there now. Sammy is one seriously dynamic emcee and no matter what beat he’s rocking on he just seems to kill it even more that ever before.. I mean.. is that even possible. Yes, it is. This album encapsulates everything we love in a hip-hop album and definitely delivers something for everyone. Bump it in your headphones or put it on at a party to bring it to life!
Go get this album… like, now.

05. Kill the Clone – Zapsign Deebo

Hailing from Zeerust, South Africa and now based in Johannesburg… Zapsign Deebo is the latest addition to the Iapetus Records label, releasing his “Kill the Clone” EP in May last year. Produced in it’s entirety by the one and only Kanif the JhatMaster, this project is an epic journey through the minds of these two artists, elevating you into bliss. Dynamic metaphors, well read knowledge, smooth flow and super-surreal instrumentals means this project is without a doubt, one of our favourite projects from 2018!
Get it here:

There are probably still hundreds of albums out there that we haven’t heard or had a chance to get to but that’s it for 2018 from us… We will now wholeheartedly focus on 2019!!

We hope you get something from our “lists”.

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Enjoy! ~dhh

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