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Album: Errol Hem’s “Product of Wander”!

Firstly.. I’m really loving this one a whole lot…

“Product of Wander” is the all new album from Illinois hiphop artist Errol Hem and it’s so slick in my opinion. The way the words ooze into the melodies to create a completely harmonic new element completely… An element that you can truly call Errol Hem!
Get yourself a copy, right here:

Furthermore, this is part of a trilogy of albums released by EH during 2017, ranging through various styles and techniques that just push his limits as an artist further with every drop.

In addition, you can also grab the previous 2 releases, “Moodily in Attendance” and “Fashionably Absent” here:

and also check our our post about Fashionably Absent for the download link.

Finally, for more information and to stay in touch, these are the spaces:

Enjoy! ~dhh

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