Dug divulging delectable delicacies on “Dog”!

Dug is an emcee divulging delectable delicacies on “Dog”!

Dog” is the very latest full length studio album from the Columbus, Ohio(US)-based artist Dug, and we’re very excited for the opportunity to share it with ya.

For over a decade now, Dug has written, performed and recorded both music and poetry.  He has been a part of the hip-hop groups “Happy Tooth & Dug” & “Beeploaf”, as well as part of the Midwestern artist collective Utopiugly and not showing signs of slowing down any time soon!

This is an album about self-actualization, self-acceptance and understanding the world while recognizing that it can never truly be understood. Oh, and dogs… (and bats!!) 🙂 It’s really a completely comprehensive journey into the wild world of this truly phenomenal artist & I just feel a sense of calm positivity moving over me as I sit back and take in the limitlessness of it all…

Just, wow! so, refreshing to find an album with these ideal’s… really made me smile… ear to ear!


Dug also knows a lot about bat’s apparently as proven on the epic track “I Know A Lot About Bats”… haha!
Such an awesome track with well researched knowledge dropping and flows that really flip the scrips right over.

But, my favourite one, outa all of them…

Well for me any way… has to be “Explain What To Who” ft. Bum Theory and Charity Crowe. This track simply took my breath away and honestly regard it as one of the most powerful tracks of 2018! Thank you dug for putting this project together. I am a better person having heard your music and can’t wait to hear what you have in store for your future endeavours.


Flowing with smooth harmonic production and featuring the likes of Errol Hem, Wade Wilson, Blake Ambrose, Charity Crowe (of Betsy Ross), Bum Theory, CKPITS, The Momus, Ryan Liptak and Jay Be ILL, “Dog” is a homage to the love that heals the stress, depression and confusion that permeates life itself.

Furthermore, it’s a dedication to the pantheon of bizarre rap music that initially set Dug off on his musical career well over a decade ago. It’s also his largest and most ambitious project to date, examining the path that leads a person from feeling awe and inspiration to becoming the driving force that awes and inspires.

“Dog” is out Now and available for streaming / purchase via Spotify and Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon MP3 and Bandcamp.

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Peace! ~dhh


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