Rest in Peace Themba Ngwenya AKA Robo the Technician!

Hiphop suffered a great loss over the past week.
Rest in Peace Themba Ngwenya AKA Robo the Technician!
You will be sorely missed but will live on forever in our hearts..
Thank you for choosing to make music Robo; it was an honour and a privledge knowing you.. Bless!


“Robo is the illest!! Probably the most respected underground MC in the scene.
  Now with his debut album out, he’s here to show us all how to MC”
   – Hype Magazine. Aug/Sept 2009


Robo the Technician is one of South Africa’s dopest and long standing emcee’s.  Having been on the scene for close to 2 decades, he has appeared on numerous projects, performed with some of South Africa’s heavy-weight hip-hop giants and has created a household name for his music.  Robo started touching people’s souls in the early nineties, at the birth of the South African hip-hop movement, in a central Johannesburg club, most popularly known as Le Club. 


Born Themba Ngwenya, in Soweto, Johannesburg, in the late 70’s at the height of the political struggle in South Africa when the government had declared a state of emergency: His music is an honest philosophical meditation, dense with social commentary reflecting on the unfortunate inevitabilities that face township life and the downfalls of general public ignorance.  In his rhymes, Robo takes apart and reassembles the stereotypical take on township life, with a plethora of topics ranging from the use of laser weaponry in Iraq to the results of the economic grip of the IMF over Africa. 

Robo’s debut album ‘Robo The Technician’ is  a ‘must have’ amongst those who like their lyrics  conscious  and beats phat and grimy.

Be sure to get yourself a copy here:
[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=1605463652 size=medium bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5]

Our thoughts go out to Robo’s family, friends, and the Iapetus crew during this difficult time.!robo/c1ieq

Peace,love, respect, light! ~ dhh

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