New Arts Festival Review: Athens!

New Arts Festival Review: Athens!

Arriving in Athens, I was so pumped for the 5th New Arts Festival. Straight to the bus, which was packed full of performers, artists, producers and a few odd balls like me. The festivities kicked off there and then.


As the bus filled with smoke, songs were sung and tasty treats passed around. I understood almost nothing of the lively Greek banter but the vibe was infectious and much love was felt.


A little over an hour later we arrived at this breathtaking venue, Nea Artaki park. The graffiti artists were well into it by this stage, consisting of Apes Crew, Sner One, Alexdraw and Weck One.


The sweet smell of spray paint, the sun setting over the ocean. All this made an impressive back drop as MC’s hit the stage.


Opening acts included performers such as APRO 112, Hope and Dave 136 with his impressive rhyming speed.




Proceeded from the festival this year went to “House of Love” in Chalkida, as well as some families in Nea Artakis. KNK Underground Collections, our hosts, also supports Youth programs in the area.

Two of the local schools, Infati dance school and Central ballet school preformed a hip hop dance routine. It’s inspiring to see, these mostly teenage girls, bringing it on the same stage as the hard core rappers


Papa Porty followed by Doppel G really got the crowd pumped up…. Never have I seen hip hop this intense before, the Greeks are definitely on level crazy!!


Flares and mosh pits, dominated the dance floor with the sounds of DJ OMONOIA and DJ MOYA. The madness continued with JOHNIE B & ΖΟΥΜΠΑΣ.


My boy from back home, Power Of Thought, brought something completely different with his loops and lyrics. It was a treat to hear tracks I knew being mixed with some Greek flavour.


EMPNE, LIVAS and DJ ΕΡΠΕΤΟ hyped the crowd up some more with their melodic beats and powerful delivery.


Banners were raised high displaying ‘Family First ‘, for rapper Ike 360 and Jensor on decks. Smoke5 took to the stage and the crowd vibrated with energy. Vine 95 and Hoffman were on point, what a performance.


The B-boys hit the platform with some sick combos breaking to the beats of JESSY BLUE.

The hits kept coming with Lobo Amarillo, DJ CUT-BRAWL laying down the beats, and finishing our night off with ΚΑΝΩΝ and ΘΥΤΗΣ. Epic, What a night!


I love it when all 4 elements of hip hop are brought together, not an easy task.

Special mention to the memory of Theodoros Lafi to whom this festival was dedicated to. Much respect to Manos Livi and Jimmy Empne the organisers of this incredible production, which left me in awe.

I’m counting down the days till next year!

~MissHell ❤️

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