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All Apologies ~ We’re Trying to Do More + New Music Video From Fliptrix!

All Apologies ~ We’re Trying to Do More+ New Music Video From Fliptrix!


Peace to all of you and blessings for 2023!
We know we’ve bee slacking and we’re trying all we can to do more and bring you nothing but the very best quality content and indie news from around the globe.

In fact, thing got so out of control that we even drop our “Choices” list for 2022, and that’s the first time we’ve failed to do so since 2011 and this make me incredibly sad that this failed to happen. It may still be done, if sensible and only if we feel we have something to offer, otherwise keep an eye out for some cool interviews, album reviews and other mega contact that you’ve become accustomed to from our amazing authors.

We also had a major UI/UX issue that collapsed the front end of our side and we humbly apologise for the inconvenience if you we’re one of our affected users.

And just to show that we’re not completely out if the loop, check this incredibly fresh new music video from High Focus Artist, Fliptrix for his track So clear’ lifted of his upcoming ninth studio album ‘Mantra No. 9’!

“Channeling the neck snapping, boom bap fundamentals that Fliptrix has forever championed, ‘So Clear’ sees Fliptrix chop it up across multiple themes, utilising his full arsenal of flows to offer insight on how to navigate the minefield and see things with a clearer perspective. While the sonics hark back to the earliest echelons of Fliptrix’s career, ‘So Clear’ showcases the evolution of Fliptrix’s pen game, both as a lyricist and social commentator. A clear focus on the life lessons that led him to album number nine; wiser, stronger and more versed in society at large and the many obstacles along the way, Fliptrix swims up-stream, spreading a defiant message that will ultimately see him come out on top.”

PRE-SAVE ‘So Clear’ / PRE-ORDER ‘Mantra No. 9’ / Headline Tour Tickets

For More Information, this is where to look:
Fliptrix on Facebook
Fliptrix on Twitter
Fliptrix on Instagram

High Focus Records Official Website

Anyways, thanks for sticking with us all these years, so here’s to you, and elevating this blog to where it’s supposed to be, so we can all show the world how we do Hiphop.

Enjoy! ~dhh

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