No Surprise on Swordplay’s “Malista”!

After a fair space of time and focus on other projects as well as finalizing his studies… We’re ecstatic to reveal that the one and only Swordplay released this extremely fresh re-issue of his 2009 solo album “Malista” on MilledPavement Records and what an album it is!!

Continuing on with his completely unique flow-patterns and drive to push the boundaries within the indie hiphop genre, Swordplay delivers an all acoustic album that digs as deep as you’re willing to let it. This is a guitar centered album with a difference in that Swordplay’s sheer harmony and severe tonality make this a truly musical project that can be enjoyed as both deep introspective and light-hearted background music making it the perfect addition to any good music collection.

It is a very focused album so if, like myself you’re really into lyrics… I feel you do need to be quite attentive to get the whole message in one listen but it is such an incredible message and melody combination that this album is without a doubt, a must for your list of “thing I can’t do without” for this year!!

Give it a spin or 3 right here:

and for the full package, this is the place:
Purchase “Malista” via Milled Pavement

For more information and to stay up to date, check out:
Swordplay on Facebook
Swordplay & Pierre the Motionless on Facebook

Peace! ~dhh

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