Animate ya MindZ… “Savior Self” – New Video from ThiNXx!

Animate ya MindZ… “Savior Self” – New Video from ThiNXx!

Hot off the fresh and kicking off “ThiNXx” for 2019… “Savior Self” is the all new music video offering from the South African Indie hiphop artist ThiNXx!! 

“This is an animated video put together by Double Xx Design to help convey the message of the track. It focusses around two characters putting up pasties(posters stuck up with glue) everywhere they can find offering people advise on how to live their lives… or not! It’s basically a bit of fun to affirm the tried and tested message of… “Savior Self”(Save Yourself)”. ~ThiNXx

Check it right here:

For more information and to stay in touch, this is where to look:
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ThiNXx on Instagram

Peace! ~dhh

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