“Soul Our System” The Latest Offering from blonju – OUT NOW!

The one and only blonju just dropped an extremely fresh new album!!
Produced, arranged, sequenced and mixed  by blonju himself, it is truely indie album and we highly recommend checking it out. Of course, all the beats are self produced and mostly sample driven with hard hitting extensive chopping and shaping that bring forward a sound he can truely call his own. blonju even appears as a lead vocal on every song and the album features the like of Escape Ferocity, Mick Daggers, Cypher Linguistics, MG and more. 

Don’t sleep and get yourself a copy right here:
[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=4225573346 size=medium bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5]

More on blonju:

Blonju is the natural path to everything and nothing – within, without, beyond, and before that which has no beginning or end. The music generated through cosmic manipulation of electrical devices by Blonju and his numerous cohorts, is uniquely structured to provide curious moments of wonder while eating crackers. The extra-planetary insight sparked through wormhole travel, and the sensory perceptions tantalized therein, provide us with an ever so slight glimpse into the mystery called Blonju.

Using Protools, Acid 6.0, a Microkorg, a Yamaha DGX-300, an MPC-2000xl, a rhymebook, and some very talented friends, Blonju has amassed a vault of songs and beats that will carry us through eternity. Working with the likes of Bogee, Nowwhy, Rockwell, Markham, the late Donnie Mac, aka Pops, Pscyho Fanatic, MP Squared, Bobby Jones, Phil G , Ina Escobar, Dave Roth, Lebron “Porky” Scott, Joe McGuinness, Oliver Wood, Nathan Nelson, Charlie Wooten, Trev – the Dude, Scott Glazer, Matt Wachoupe, Escape Ferocity, and most recently, Rysa9, aka Rysa Davis, of Escape Ferocity, the Blonju has been continually evolving by transmorphing his music with the soul intent of making people THINK.
blonju liveBlonju says, “Knowing great musicians is much more than a blessing – it’s an opportunity to pursue a mutual goal of providing people with a portal into the soul of the universe, which in turn, invokes spiritual energy – positive, negative, neutral, as well as every natural, relative variance in between”

Remember to keep your alien antennas tuned to channels of the Blonju and recognize the ever evoked spirit of oneness.

Also, these are the spaces:

Peace! ~ dhh

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