“Crazy Shit” – New Album from Basik lee – Out Now!

“Crazy Shit” is the fresh new album fromDope Sandwich Productions member Basik lee a featuring production by the likes of Dope Knife, Black Ceasar, Dash, Old Nick, DJ Classy Individual, SancetwenyOne & Just Musica!! really liked this one a whole lot myself… Get your copy here:

For more information and to stay in touch, this is where to look:
Basik Lee Facebook: facebook.com/Mr.basiklee
Basik Lee Twitter: twitter.com/Basik_lee

Dope Sandwich:
website: dopesandwich.com
Youtube: youtube.com/thedopesandwich
Facebook: facebook.com/dopesandwich
Twitter: twitter.com/dopesandwich
Instagram: instagram.com/thedopesandwich

Enjoy! ~dhh