Carnage The Executioner’s “Soul Snatcher” – MUSIC VIDEO OUT NOW!!

Carnage The Executioner just dropped his fresh new music video for his track “Soul Snatcher (Demoniac Dimension)” from the “1 Year Later: Respect The Name Anniversary Download” album!!
Check it out here:
[youtube url=]

You can also download the full album for FREE right here:…

Just in case you thought you might recognize this track from somewhere; you would be correct…
The Original version of “Soul Snatcher” is from the “Respect The Name” album which is available for  for purchase right here:…


You can also can also grab the original album at the following spaces:
Carnage website:
Fill In The Breaks website:…
Bandcamp: http://www.fillinthebreaks.bandcamp.c…
Fifth Element online store:…
Micheal Larsen’s Memorial Site:…

and follow or contact Carnage at these:
– Website:
– Facebook:
– Twitter:
– Soundcloud:
– Instagram:
– Tumblr:
– Book Carnage – MJG Productions:

Enjoy! ~dhh

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