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Video: The “All Seeing Eye” of J Mental!

South African hiphop extraordinaire J Mental recently dropped the official music video for his track “All Seeing Eye” featuring Rav, with the beat by Ivan Illusionz! Check it out here:

The struggle is as real as you make it, Do you have the thought to create it, the mind manifests your reality, Equality and Justice for all the New World Order will fall“!

First of all, I thought this would be the perfect way to kick into the weekend; with the incredibly chilled out vibe melding with J Mental’s cleverly culminated flows taking you on a journey into the the world as we know it… Especially relevant, this video filmed on location in Thailand, and he tackles some incredibly important topics of conversation whilst leaving you feeling completely calm and in control of it all. In essence, this is the perfect feel good track to ease you troubles off into the distance… but without loosing focus on what is truly important in life.

In conclusion, I’m really digging this one… so, mad respect to J Mental for putting this out into the world!

“J Mental Musical Masterpieces Touching topics that go deeper than the average thinker word play inventions way ahead of its time travel through the mind with rhymes faster than the speed of light when the week is oppressed like a 9-5 its time to fight”.

Finally, for more information and to stay in touch, check out:
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Peace! ~dhh

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