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Video: “Daily Affirmations” Cohenbeats feat. Quelle Chris!

Damn… but I’m really feeling this one!! “Daily Affirmations” is the slick new animated music video from Stones Throw Records​ artist Cohenbeats feat. Quelle Chris who actually directed and animated the entire video himself…

We all need affirmations for ourselves and daily ones at that; staying positive and motivated in this day and age isn’t easy and unless we actually take the time to look in the mirror and tell ourselves good things about ourselves, we could never really get going, for ourselves. In this track / video Cohenbeats’ mega chilled-out instrumental really suites Quell Chris’ laid back flow to bring you some of that classic, cool, cultured and collected hiphop music that we all yearn for!

Check it out right here:

“Daily Affirmations” is the title track from Cohenbeats new album available right here:

For more information and staying up to date, this is where to look:
Cohenbeats on Facebook
Quelle Chris on Facebook
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Enjoy! ~dhh

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