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Wassup all my heads! It’s your neighborhood super-sooth, Apocolypse here, saving the world one beat at a time by bringing you that real Hip Hop.

Today I’ll be sharing my sentiments on brokerokeMC’s – “Deadbeats” mixtape. It’s set to release on Oct 31 (Hallows Eve *cue scary music, which is a great marketing strategy considering it’s title) via I Had An Accident Records. It consists of 17 tracks and features a whole host of emcees. There is a limited release of 200 “copper” cassettes available, so get em before they’re all gone.

The #DEADBEATSMixtape is a retrospective on brokeMC’s ten years in the game, filled with smoked-out cyphers, open mic and battles, underground parties, cross-country tours, constant collaborations and elevations. All the beats are produced by brokeMC and has no samples (except interludes he uses). It is an intrepid collective reflection on the current state of independent hip hop across the country.

Where to start??? This mixtape is outlandish, distorted, far-out and complex. It explores corners of Hip Hop that no conventional artist dare ventures. If you’re the type of person listening to the music TV and Radio pump on rotation, then save yourself the trouble and move on, this is for people who appreciate the unique individual expressions of each artist in stead of the consumerism template that’s being perpetuated today.

The emotional tones of the songs vary drastically and it takes you through this journey of brokeMC’s experiences as an artist through-out the years and has brought us to this point in time today, artist and listener alike. From anthems to sing-a-longs to deep reflection tracks, this mixtape has it all. There is a strong influence of 8-bit games, or their sounds at least, there’s a lot of distortion and bit-crunched sounds used in the songs. (All the beats were produced by brokeMC and no samples were used, excl. interludes)

He features a range of artists from across America: Homeboy Sandman, Billy Woods, PremRock, Ceschi, Swordplay, Boogie Boy Metal Mouth, K. Gaines, GenesisBe, Sumkid, Brzowski, Warren Britt, Sirens, Dyalekt, Undakova, Coldstone Steve Awesome, Chaz Kangas, Hired Gun, Stonehenge Parnhashnakovsky, Skurt Vonnegut, Dozer, Super King Armour, Jack Wilson, B.S., Ciara Bizna$$, Lex Getit, Cernesto, Crazy E and Lt.Headtrip. I know that’s a long list of features but they all fit the status quo seamlessly.  The cuts on this mixtape are by brokeMC, The Gent, Ill Spokinn, and Rabbi D.

The lyrical content of brokeMC and his affiliates offer linguistic skills and insight into pertinent opinions as well as those hard to swallow questions that need to be ask. The more I listen to the Deadbeats, the more I find myself appreciating it and finding those random punchlines I had missed previously. brokeMC’s unorthodox style compliment the beats perfectly, the yin and yang balance that is projected really stands out and emphasizes the intention behind the mixtape.

Ok…ok…ok… Now comes the tough part, which also happens to be my favourite (no pun intended). I’d have to say, my favourite track off brokeMC’s latest offering is – “Leviathan” feat. Ceschi and Swordplay. “Some times I feel I’m, on a sinking ship…”, need I say more, this song is just one of those reality checks which coerces you to sing-a-long to the chorus, all the verses are dope and the beat rides like a pirate ship sailing through the waves of the vast ocean of your thoughts. I give #DEADBEATSmixtape 3/5 Apocolyptic punchlines. It’s not your every day steez, but that’s the beauty of it, it’s a different perspective, a different expression. The beats are solid, brokeMC lives up to his reputation and more, he picked the right features and the production quality is good.

All in all, if you really consider yourself a “head”, then you need to cop this mixtape and let brokeMC guide you through the infinite possibilities of your imagination. Yo broke…. RESPECT!

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Your ear on the ground

Mr. A



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