“Heritage To Defend” – New Album from Rissa Boo – Out Now!

New York hiphop artist Rissa Boo recently released his new album,  “Heritage To Defend”!
Check it out here:

“Heritage To Defend” isn’t just a tribute to the Hip-Hop culture, it’s also a brand new Hip-Hop experience. Rappin’ mainly in English with that frenchy-latino accent, Rissa Boo also mixes some French and Portuguese lyrics in this alternative rap album. Hip-Hop? Of course, but Rissa Boo is in a new universe and brings a different musical ambiance, to which he adds an incredible theatrical flow. Press play and enter the Boo mind”.

Also out is the music video for his track “Money Sucker (¥€$! ¥€$!)” Lifted from the album.
Check it out here:

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Enjoy! ~dhh