‘Life In The Flesh’ with Coop’s + ‘Guerrillas’ Video!

‘Life In The Flesh’ is the all new album from the legendary UK hip hop lyricist Coops!!

Out now on High Focus Records, this project brings about a whole new level of depth and diligence to his artistry with consciousness and content that completely compliment the mental and physical trials of his own life track-by-track… for us anyway, this is currently on full rotation and the perfect way to ease into the weekend!

Check it out here:

You can also purchase Coops ‘Life In The Flesh’ album right here:
The Official High Focus Store


Complex recently premiered his new video ‘Guerillas’ lifted off of the album, which delves deep into social issues, with a militant message that he spoke to Complex about in a recent interview:
“We have to be prepared to fight for our freedoms in a world where they are constantly trying to strip them away. We need to stop misdirecting our frustrations and know our true enemy.”

You can watch the ‘Guerillas’ video, right here:

For more information and to stay up to date, this is where to look:
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Talos on Twitter
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High Focus Official Website

Peace! ~dhh

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