Grieves & Tee’s Do Brighton

What a great setup for the ‘secret Handshake Tour ‘. The Green Door Store was tucked up in one of Brighton’s side streets. Walking into this cozy pub was like walking into the back stage area. Benjamin of Grieves, positioned at the far end of the bar getting a drink. Leon of Too many T’s in the front with open arms as if he was waiting to give out free hugs.


I give Grieves the pointed finger of acknowledgement, I know you. In return I get the point of gratitude, thanks for having good taste in music. Mr Nice Guy Grieves holds back the black curtain leading the way towards an industrial looking dance floor and stage.

YGC get the crowd warmed up with a mini showcase featuring Harvs Le Toad NuphZed Vitamin G and Bo Bribery


Grieves of Rhymesayers then takes centre stage. Between the melodic symphony of spellbinding beats, comes his deep soul bearing lyrics. Ben’s Smooth voice is low and hypnotic as he raps about real life stresses. A contrast to the huge smiles Benjamin and Ryan exchange between tracks, what a great duo.

Too many T’s explain themselves the best as ‘astronauts on a comedown’. Jumping around like the laws of gravity don’t apply to them , hopped up on rocket fuel, and taking me back to the playground antics. The incredible break-beats can’t help but get you feeling a little ‘Freaky’, a track included on their newly dropped album “le Fam’ill”. These lyricists on a sugar rush put on a highly energetic show.


After the show more pub chit chat with the co headliners. Thanks to ‘Love they neighbour ‘ and the green door store for this low key epic event. I’m beginning to see the beauty in small venue events. Made some new best friends, even if they’re aware. Heard newly released tracks live and in the flesh. Then walked away with some dope merchandise signed and full of memories. 

Great night!

All photos taken by Michelle Brown © 2019 © Editing and Design by Double Xx Design

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