Sammy Warm Hands (feat. Guante) – “Crisis of Conscience”(Music Video) & “Bears Repeating” – Brand New Album Out Now!

Happy Friday All!

Hope you had a great week.
Check out this fresh new video from Sammy Warm Hands, who some some of you might know from the group “The Illusionists”, It’s called “Crisis of Conscience” and features the equally epic emcee “Guante”; Check it out here:

“Crisis of Conscience” is a full scale attack on our culture’s dysfunctional image obsession, perpetuated by the media that we view and purchase every day. Written and performed by Sammy Warm Hands (of The ILLusionists), Guante, and music by Odar (of The ILLusionists)”.

You can also grab his brand new full legnth solo albumĀ “Bears Repeating” at a name your price(support if you can afford to) download right here:

There are also some awesomely slick CD packages available here:

Peace! ~dhh

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