Veil Nebula Beats by Senz Beats – Music Video + Album Out now!

“Senz Beats” is a Belgian beat maker who recently relocated to Montreal and just dropped a fresh new beat-tape along with an incredible 24min video for the entire project taking you on an epic journey through space as the beats and story blend to really let your imagination go… It’s a really cool concept/project/video and we really enjoyed it.
Take a look here:


Lost (in space) beats
All beats & scratches produced by Senz Beats
Mixed & mastered by Senz Beats
Video put together by Senz Beats
Cover art by Julien Meert (
Isolated Wax/Deaf People Audio 2013

You can also grab yourself a copy of the entire tape for free right here:
[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=333698442 size=medium bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5]

Senz mainly works on the MPC 1000 + 2000xl and also released a 5-track EP earlier this year entitled ‘Tilting at Windmills’ which is also available on hisBandcamp page.
It features rappers Subtitle, Megabusive, Berfly & Hazard.

Be sure to stay in touch with Senz on the web too:

Enjoy! ~ dhh

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