Electrocardiographs… Stunning Visuals from Ceschi!

Breathtaking… jaw-dropping… captivating… “Electrocardiographs”!

I just can’t get enough of this video and it keeps my eyes completely glued to the screen throughout. This is the third single single and just a taster of what to expect from Ceschi and Factor Chandelier’s Sad, Fat Luck‘ LP out 4/4/19 on Fake Four Inc!!

Check it out right here:

Directed by Austria’s Squalloscope, “Electrocardiographs” is an ode to queer, liminal, radical culture told behind the fog of depression, grief and poverty in this current Trump era… This track oozes strong emotion & powerful lyrics, topped with Ceschi’s unique rhyme scheme/flow and coupled with Factor’s production means yet another flawless release from the Fake Four stable and I’m completely ecstatic to hear the album when is does drop!!

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Enjoy! ~dhh

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