Video Series “Becoming A King” (Pt. 1 “Final Days” & 2 “Roar”) by Aaron Evans – Out Now!

Something phresh…

 Just weeks after the viral explosion of his "We All Work" video (Half a million hits and counting) Aaron Evans returns to debut his new groundbreaking video series, "Becoming A King". Looking to push the artistic boundaries of Hip Hop, Graffiti and Performance Art into uncharted waters the "Becoming A King" series is unlike any you've ever seen.


      Part 1 "Final Days" is the blank canvas as Aaron lays the "sketch" of a Graffiti Lion on his body. The result is liken to futuristic tribal war paint as Aaron emphatically and definitely verbally draws a line in the sand between him and the growing crop of negative musicians in today's artistic landscape. This isn't a warning, it's a promise. The words are powerful and focused and the sparse music bed allows those message to echo home with authority. Hip Hop has NEVER seen anything this out of the box and be it positive or negative the result will leave viewers speechless.


      Part 2 "Roar" finds the Graffiti Lion taking it's final form as Arek Art steps in to do a stop motion video progression of the arrows, fills and abstract movement, which makes Graffiti such a captivating medium. In part two the intensity of both the vocals and beat step up exponentially as Aaron unveils a more aggressive side. "Roar" leaves no question that this mission is more than business, it's personal. Anyone standing the the way of positive progression better be prepared for the "Roar" that is forthcoming. No apologies, no regrets, this is Aaron raw and uncloaked, ready to take on the world.

       Over the past ten years Aaron has continuously showcased his ability to constantly reset his creative bar. From early work with Illogic, The Green Brothers (Racecar) and Davu to his recent work with Orko, Gill Sotu and SKUNK Magazine, Aaron has show that he isn't breaking boxes, he perpetually exists and lives far beyond their limitations. Now continuously making moves following his viral success the world's just beginning to realize the potential of this artistic juggernaut. From his 30+ published articles as an author to his 10 studio albums to his activism work and innovative approach to all things creative, Aaron is out to show he's "Becoming A King" upon the strength of his imagination and creativity.

If you’d like to grab the music for these two video’s it’s available for free download here:
[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=3449945639 size=medium bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5]

and for for information on Aaron and his music you can visit his site here:

Peace! ~ dhh

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