“Bless The Streets” with Power Of Thought – New Lyric Video!

“Bless The Streets” with Power Of Thought – New Lyric Video!


South African hip hop masterclass Power Of Thought is back with this fresh new Lyric Video featuring Griot, Khanyi & Safari “Bless The Streets” dedicated to the late L7 SATIVA(The Hempire Media)!
Check it out here:

This is a really touching tribute to a giant in the SA hiphop industry and really hits home so hard. We really will miss L7 so much along with the rest of the hiphop community and send all our love and light to his family and friends!

You can steam and purchase the full length right here:

and all other platforms here:

For more information and to stay in touch, check out:
Power of Thought on Facebook

Peace! ~dhh

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