“Peacock Angel” – New Album from Noah23 – Out Now!

Noah23 recently dropped his fresh new and extremely long album “Peacock Angel”!
Get your copy here:

Physical CDs will be available at www.thecatacombz.com soon.

For more information and to stay in touch, these are the spaces:

Enjoy! ~dhh


One thought on ““Peacock Angel” – New Album from Noah23 – Out Now!

  1. Noah23 = hardest working hip hop artist who is grotesquely under compensated. His work ethic on QUALITY projects is unrivaled…all from his heart & soul. real heads that love hip hop deep down need to support our underground troops…even a dollar is something. Otherwise we lose them, one by one…so please donate what you can and help support real deal artists. a lot of time/energy/vibration frequencies go into these grade AAA projects…not to mention self/family sacrifice, and in many cases homelessness/rotate crashing; trying to survive with the basics of shelter/ food and medicine etc…. Very rough life/career path to be on these days…and so many artists are on that
    trail doing it out of love. Help preserve this heritage. Artists like Noah23 don’t slack and have been at it for quite sometime….they contribute to the young new underground artists who will be hip hop’s future…..let us please take care of our true underground legends as payback for years and years of their provided entertainment!

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