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ThiNXx – “All by Myself” [Cassette]

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ThiNXx – “All by Myself” [c40 Cassette]

*Very Limited Edition of 40 Red tint c40 cassettes by I had An Accident Records(New)*
-imported from USA-

All By Myself is the solo album of South African hip hop / rapper ThiNXx. Composing home-made beats and introspective lyrics, ThiNXx raps and rhymes in a old school hip hop way. Completely underground, the style of beats bounce with the vocals. “ABMS” is a multi-themed offering of tracks crossed with instrumentals to convey the journey of isolation in the life of an artist dedicated to focusing on one’s goals earnestly, and not being swayed despite various distractions and hindrances along the way.

01. Punch In The Facebook 02:59
02. CSeYe 02:49
03. Deeper Than The Woods 02:39
04. Yesterday 02:47
05. Wouldn’t Matter 04:21
06. Sweet Serina 03:47
07. Delicate Mayhem 04:16
08. NO News; GOOD News 05:24
09. Fade To White 03:28
10. Paint n’ Dreams 03:14

released October 31, 2014

Written, recorded, produced, composed, arranged & mastered by ThiNXx
Artwork by Jim Baum (Citizen of/Fastax)

tags: experimental south african hip hop beat cassette chillwave hip hop rap Spokane

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