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This is the official store page for do hiphop. We have various select merch, cd’s and cassettes available to ship anywhere in SA and can also ship ROW if it makes sense, shipping-wise. On top of that, we have various clothing available via Tee Time SA and this ships worldwide with incredibly decent shipping rates.

and very limited stock of the following merch in-store & available in SA! *All pricing excludes S & H.*

ThiNXx – “Sentiments to Cinders” [CD]

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ThiNXx – “Sentiments to Cinders” [Compact Disc]
Wallet type cover, plastic wrapped.

Includes high-quality download in MP3 format

Sentiments to Cinders” is the 3rd project by South African hiphop artist “ThiNXx” and he believes that this is his best work to date. It is completely written, recorded, arranged and mastered by ThiNXx himself and features the likes of “Phil G the Knowbody” and “Immaculate Mentality” with beats by Kamikaze Picnic, Mainvein, Phil G the Knowbody and ThiNXx.

“S2C” is an emotionally themed album taking the listener through a mixture of good times turning bad, the loss of close friends, helplessness in not being able to help friends in need due to inevitable circumstances beyond your control, love, hurt, frustration, being outcast, unaccepted and alone in a big bad world that just seems to get worse every time you blink and yet still being able to carry on pursuing the ultimate goal of living your passion against all odds.

All the lyrics on this album were written between 2010 and 2012 and are relayed in a very, no-holds barred, emotional way that enables the listener to relate, not only in their own way but also through the eyes of ThiNXx himself. This album is very different from the previous two, with regards to the style of the writing and the delivery of the lyrics and promises to be one you don’t want to miss.

released 08 September 2012
Instrumentals by: Kamikaze Picnic, Mainvein, Phil G the Knowbody & ThiNXx
Featuring: Phil G the Knowbody & Immaculate Mentality
Written, recorded, produced, arranged & mastered by ThiNXx
Artwork by DozR

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