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This is the official store page for do hiphop. We have various select merch, cd’s and cassettes available to ship anywhere in SA and can also ship ROW if it makes sense, shipping-wise. On top of that, we have various clothing available via Tee Time SA and this ships worldwide with incredibly decent shipping rates.

and very limited stock of the following merch in-store & available in SA! *All pricing excludes S & H.*

cars & trains – “2AM” [CD]

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Brand: do hiphop
UPC: 616892808725

cars & trains – “2AM” (Compact Disc)

*Brand new, sealed & shrink-wrapped*
-imported from USA-

cars & trains debut EP, 2AM is a celebration of all things minute, exploring themes of urban quietude and reflection amidst disaffection, decay, and overdevelopment. The five songs that compose 2AM are abundant with layers of lush harmonies, strong but modest melody, crafted lyrics, and movement-based arrangements composed with an apartment-full of sounds: trumpet, clarinet, mandolin, cello, and glockenspiel, and a whole slew of electronic and sampled punching-empty-cardboard-boxes-like-a-madman drums.

1. An Abandoned City Street 03:17
2. Flags 02:51
3. Broken Streetlamp Serenade 03:46
4. The Names Of Things And Other Such Thoughts 01:58 5. The Official Cars & Trains Theme Song 03:04

released April 26, 2006
tags: electronic, idm, organic, electronic, acoustic, beats, circle into square, downtempo, electronic, fake four inc, folk, folktronica, glockenspiel, Portland
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